What is Vaping?

In general, “Vaping” is nothing but inhaling and exhaling a vapor generated by a vaping product and you don’t need to burn anything, like you would in cigarette smoking.

When you are firing up a vape mod/device, it heats a liquid into a vapor,  This vapor is usually flavored and may or may not contain nicotine based on your preference.

There are two types of vaping devices:

  1. Open – Which simply means they can be refilled.
  2. Closed – This implies that either the whole device or the part where the juice is stored cannot be refilled. Almost all pod based vape systems are closed vapes.

All vaping devices are battery-powered and all open vape devices can come with multiple removable parts. Let’s start from the top of a device.

1. Tank 

A tank for a mod is just like the railroad ties/sleepers to the tracks. Either of them can’t serve their purpose without the other. It is the reservoir that holds the E-juice and the coil in it and has a few more removable parts in it. There are also many different types of tanks used for vaping, read our post about tanks to know more. 


2. Mod/Battery Pack

A mod/battery pack is what helps power the device. You insert the batteries in the given slots and hold the trigger after turning the device on to vape. If you are using a regulated vape mod, the battery pack/mod is where it’s installed. It helps regulate the current and voltage in your device. Read our post about the different types of vape mods to know more.